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Address: 23143 N Waterlake Dr, Richmond, TX 77406

Phone: (713) 409 3646

Hours: 7 days a week from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Our Main purpose

We enable people to play, progress and connect with nature

In a society where speed and stress have taken over, people take less and less time to play and connect with nature.
Play is our essence.

play to enjoy, play to progress, play with the rules

We create the next generation of gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression of their sport(s) throughout our unique mindset.

Our Vision

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We candidly play with the rules to better enjoy them.
Curious, playful and optimistic but focused, dedicated and passionate all the same.
We remain thirsty for life and the possibilities it holds.

Our values


We work with leading brands of sports shoes and clothes



With our sports clothes athletics will be a joyful event for you

Esprit de famille


We strive to get the best to everyone we play with: athletes, fans, enthusiasts, employees and partners.



We guarantee fast delivery to any address


Kenny Expedition

KennyExpedition has been playing in the French alps since 1947.
Our passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship has driven us -
and still does - to create progressive gear to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors.
Don’t wait any longer.
Now, it’s time to play.


(713) 409 3646

Toll-free hotline.
7 days a week from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

free shipping

Shipping prices for any form of delivery and order’s cost is constant - $49. A free shipping is available for orders more than $99.

Returns and exchanges for 30 days

Any goods, that was bought in our online store, can be returned during 30 days since purchase date.